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anent increase to the army list ▓had been considerable, though there had ▓been many fluctuations.Second battalions to● many regiments had been formed, disbanded, re●stored, and in some cases given ▓a separate exis

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tence.Up to 1805, mor▓eover, the period of service● had been usually for life, but in● that year it was fixed at seventeen years●, with the power of re-engagement for tw▓elve years more. In 1793, the twel▓ve regimen

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ts of infantry, numb●ering from the 78th to the 89th in▓clusive, had been formed.The 90th in P▓erthshire, and the 91st in Argyllshire, ▓had been raised by private enthusiasm, the fo●rmer by “Sir Thomas Graham,” and he

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nce c▓alled his “Perthshire Greybreeks,” from the▓ colour of their breeches; and the latter by the▓ Duke of Argyll, though it the▓n was numbered the 98th.But the 5th Royal Iris▓h Dragoons was disbanded for disl▓o

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